Property Management System

Property Manager was developed using the full benefits of Progress 4GL/RDBMS in conjunction with many years of experience to produce a complete system for the daily management of residential, condominium, or commercial property. The system is modular and can be used on its own or integrated with third party accounting packages (MXP, Varnet). Complete records and a full history are kept on projects, buildings, tenants, units, and leases, allowing for several units occupied by the same tenant or several leases for the same unit (designated past, current, and future). Cash receipts include extra charges, interest on deposits, last month’s rent, and NSF cheques. Full reporting includes vacancy losses, available units with dates, car parking lists, and revenue by project, building or unit.


  • Management by project, building, unit, tenant and lease
  • Flexibility of reporting financial and operational data
  • Integrated suite maintenance and work orders
  • Unlimited history of tenants and leases


  • Monthly/Periodic Rent Rolls
  • Payment Processing
  • Property Reporting, Delinquent and Renewal Letters
  • Property/Tenant Maintenance
  • Property/Tenant/Lease Inquiry and Mailings

 Available Support

  •   Training and Documentation
  •   Source Code
  •   Maintenance and Phone Support
  •   International Sales Support
  •   Customization