Archive Print Spooler

The Archive Print Spooler program is written in Progress to fill the need to send report output to disk for later recall and review. It is an indispensable tool for a busy production system to ensure that reports do not get “lost” on printers. It has been designed such that it could make your office a paper less office with all important reports being stored on disk for easy recall, with full security, and confidence. Reports can be stored in many different “directories”, personal or archive, and can be recalled for viewing on TTY type screens with full Left/Right and Up/Down scrolling. They can also be printed on any system printer or even faxed or e-mail with the ability to select the full report or a range of pages. Designed to work with the Foresight MXP Product (or Varnet, or any other derivative).


  • Store reports on disk for subsequent viewing, printing or distribution
  • Viewing on TTY screens of entire report Left/Right and Up/Down Scrolling
  • Ability to Search through report for text to locate information easily and quickly
  • Requires no database changes therefore minimal impact on current operation
  • Print Options allow for Printing selected pages from report

Available Support

  • Training and Documentation
  • Source Code
  • Maintenance and Phone Support
  • International Sales Support
  • Customization