Executive Snapshot

Chassels Computer has been asking managers and executives what can Chassels Computer Systems do to make your job easier? In most cases, the joking response has been “Give me an extra 2 hours each day“. We are all looking for ways each day to utilize the time we have, and become more efficient. With the increasing amount of information computers systems provide, it sometimes can be overwhelming and difficult to deal with all the ways information can be used. We all know the information we are seeking is in the mysterious box, but how can that information be accessed and used. As companies continue to look for ways to become more efficient, Chassels Computer Systems is providing products that assist these needs.

The Chassels Computer Executive Snapshot is a powerful tool that allows for fast inquiry of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, utilizing the Progress Database engine. It provides key company information through an easy to navigate Graphical User Interface (GUI). All reports are generated using Microsoft Excel, which allows your associates to take current information and modify for statistical or forecasting purposes. Charts are included for a quick at a glance view of the report.

The inquiry tools allow for quick access to Inventory, Customer, Accounts Receivable (A/R), Accounts Payable (A/P) and General Ledger information.

The Executive Snapshot uses login security to control unwanted users from accessing important company information. The user logins are controlled within the ERP system. Allowing a single point of user administration and quick setup of the Executive Snapshot application. Associates can also select the active entity at time of login allowing users to see the company as a whole, or portions for specific inquiries and reports.

All the reports are generated with Microsoft Excel, so users have the ability to modify generated reports for additional purposes. The reporting system allows for quick review of inventory and customer trends. Who are the top customers. What is the most active item in the inventory for which year or which period. Review Sales Analysis data for customers and items. Last years customer performance can be viewed to prepare for the upcoming session.