Club Manager System

The Club Manager System is a modular system that can be used on its own or integrated with third party accounting packages (MXP, for example). The system provides automatic, monthly, and annual member billing, with full audit trials for unlimited member types and rates. It has a comprehensive corporate discounting ability, box and house leagues. Member prospecting, and follow-up are completely integrated. A banking interface is available. The door check, which is primarily used for member verification, also records all visits to the club and produces reports or graphs of the hour-to-hour activity in the club, by member type or by activity. The system can also display member pictures on a color monitor for verification.


  • Fully Integrated with banking and credit cards for automatic fee payment
  • Integrated point-of-sale for pro shop and restaurant
  • Provides complete and secure data on club members
  • Tracks member activity and controls member billing and collections
  • Provides management with complete set of functions to manage club


  • Member Billing
  • Member follow-up
  • Member Inquiry/Activity
  • Member Mailing/Reports
  • Member Maintenance
  • Member Renewals

Available Support

  •   Training and Documentation
  •   Source Code
  •   Maintenance and Phone Support
  •   International Sales Support
  •   Customization